Introducing Kompass Accelerator

Kompass is a bespoke accelerator program designed to foster innovation among Web3 entrepreneurs, particularly in Vietnam and across Asia.

Introducing Kompass Accelerator

We are delighted to announce the launch of Kompass, our bespoke accelerator program designed to foster innovation among Web3 entrepreneurs, particularly in Vietnam and across Asia. Our initiative aims to equip these visionaries with the essential resources and mentorship they need to succeed in the digital landscape. At Ninety Eight, we are builders backing builders, and our commitment to this community is unwavering.

Ninety Eight has consistently been at the forefront of the blockchain movement, clearly committing to making Web3 accessible for everyone. Our efforts have focused on building platforms and infrastructures that onboarded millions of users into the Web3 economy. Yet, our mission extends further. We believe that the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies relies on a robust and collaborative startup ecosystem.

Building a company in this domain is a demanding endeavor that requires significant resources, in-depth knowledge, and unwavering dedication. Since 2021, we have leveraged our expertise to support and nurture over 10 pioneering teams, from ideas to scale their companies and protocols, including notable projects like League of Kingdoms, Ancient8, Aura Network, Navi Protocol, and more.

These collaborative experiences have given rise to Kompass—our initiative to intensify our support for Web3 builders through a bold and adaptive approach:

  • No fixed cohorts: We review applications on an ongoing basis to cater to the fast-paced nature of innovation in this sector. The program is customized to align with the specific goals and needs of each founding team.
  • Founder-friendly terms: We offer $125K in early-stage investment with no valuation cap and an MFN clause, paired with a 5% advisory fee.
  • Low-touch, high-impact advice: Kompass does away with compulsory training sessions, recognizing the value of targeted, practical advice. Our experienced mentors provide strategic insights drawn from real-world successes, enabling you to concentrate on what is paramount—building.

Kompass is purpose-built to provide founders with the right kind of support: a network that opens doors, capital that facilitates growth, and resources that make a tangible difference from day one, all with a view toward long-term success. We expect Kompass to catalyze a wave of successful startups that embrace our ethos of making Web3 accessible to all.

If you're building the next big thing in blockchain infrastructure, protocols, or applications, Ninety Eight is eager to collaborate.

We look forward to exploring your applications. Apply here!

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