Ninety Eight and ARC join forces to empower Web3 builders in Asia

Ninety Eight and ARC join forces to empower Web3 builders in Asia

In an attempt to push the blockchain industry forward, Ninety Eight, a pioneer ecosystem of innovation companies, has partnered with ARC, an NFT-gated community and a first-of-its-kind powerhouse for collaboration and project incubation. This partnership is built on a shared vision of accelerating the growth of Web3 in Asia, anchored by the motto 'builders backing builders”.

Both Ninety Eight and ARC are passionately committed to enabling and empowering Web3 builders across Asia, each leveraging unique contributions to foster innovation and community engagement. 

With extensive experience, Ninety Eight has founded and funded blockchain companies dedicated to making Web3 accessible to all. Our ecosystem is populated with various innovations, including the layer-1 blockchain Viction, Coin98 Super Wallet, Starship …, and the Arche Fund alongside the Kompass Accelerator program. Meanwhile, ARC has leveraged a curation model to bring together a diverse group of contribution-minded individuals coming together to pool resources and networks. With the collective might of its members, ARC actively seeks to be a catalyst and engine for innovation through strategic partnerships like the one now between Ninety Eight and ARC.

Together, we aim to create a nurturing environment for Web3 builders, providing them with the necessary tools, funding, advisory, and community support to bring their innovative projects to life.

Looking ahead, the synergy between Ninety Eight and ARC promises to unlock unprecedented opportunities in the Web3 space. We are committed to exploring new frontiers in technology, launching initiatives that drive growth, and creating a vibrant, thriving environment in Asia for the strongest of Web3 builders to succeed.