Coin98 Finance Rebrands to Ninety Eight: Expanding Vision and Product Scope for Mass Adoption

Coin98 Finance Rebrands to Ninety Eight: Expanding Vision and Product Scope for Mass Adoption

Coin98 Finance, the builders of the Coin98 Super Wallet, is rebranding to Ninety Eight, reflecting our expanded vision and product scope. The $C98 token continues as the primary utility token within Ninety Eight—an ecosystem of innovative companies with a shared mission of making Web3 accessible to everyone.

Coin98 Finance: A Six-Year Journey

From a Community Builder

We embarked on our journey in 2017, starting as a group of enthusiasts excited about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since then, we've guided hundreds of thousands of individuals, empowering them to navigate the Web3 world. As we stoked their curiosity, we realized our role was more profound than we initially thought—not just within our industry, but for the global community.

To a Product Builder

By 2019, we had transitioned from a community to a product company, Coin98 Finance. Our mission remained the same—to make Web3 easy to understand for everyone. Our flagship product, the multichain Coin98 Wallet, has been adopted by over 8 million users globally.

However, we understood that to fully unveil the transformative potential of Web3 and make it available to everyone, we needed a variety of solutions. Committed to continuous innovation and new product launches, we believe in the power of diversity, knowing that one product can't cover everything Web3 can offer.

Today, we're more than just a community or a product company—we're a thriving ecosystem of innovative companies with a shared mission.

Welcome to the Ninety Eight Ecosystem

At the heart of Ninety Eight, we are builders backing builders. We're on a mission to found and fund blockchain companies that make Web3 accessible for everyone.

Ninety Eight is a significant milestone that symbolizes the evolution of our journey. With this transition, we're expanding our horizons, honoring our legacy while setting the stage for an exciting future.

A New Name for an Expanding Vision

The rebrand from “Coin98 Finance” to “Ninety Eight” signifies a meaningful transformation. For us, “98” is our heritage, as much as “Ninety Eight” is our future. Moving from the number "98" to the spelled-out "Ninety Eight” reflects our ambition to go beyond our original identity and embrace a broader range of possibilities that extend beyond finance.

An Iconic Logo for an Enduring Legacy

Our logo has changed significantly to reflect our evolution better. We've moved from a numeric "98" to an iconic, solid-colored "98", signaling our intent to establish a lasting and recognizable legacy, with a more personable touch. The "98" now stands as an iconic symbol of our brand and our new vision for the future.

A Vibrant Color for a Bright Future

Our primary color has shifted from a darker, enigmatic gold to a brighter, more vibrant yellow-gold shade (Pantone 1225 CP). This updated color represents our forward-looking vision while preserving our identity as "gold." It signifies our journey into a future filled with human potential and Web3 innovation, showing our commitment to embracing change while maintaining our core identity known for excellence.

$C98: The Powering Token of the Ninety Eight Ecosystem

As we embark on this transformative journey, the $C98 token continues to be the lifeblood of our ecosystem, playing a crucial role as the primary utility and value-captured token across the expanse of Ninety Eight.

This expansion is not just about growth, it's about enriching our token economy. New utilities for the $C98 token are on the horizon, promising to inject more vitality and strength into our ecosystem.

Come and Build with Us

As we step into this next chapter, Ninety Eight is not just a name, it's a thriving ecosystem built on our firm belief in human potential and dedication to make Web3 reachable for all. We're inviting you to co-create this future with us in the open builder space of Ninety Eight, where we discover, establish, and nurture ambitious blockchain startups and entrepreneurs who share our vision. With you on board, we can foster greater collaboration, spark more innovation, and uplift more lives.

Let's build this future, together!